The Return of Super Charlotte!

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I love these comics by Tom Martin, as I have said many times before.  Tom and I are chatting about givning him and Charlotte the reins on a side project where we get a longer story out of this great team.  What do you think?  Would you like to see a longer Axe Cop story by Tom and Charlotte?  You should also check out Tom's metal band Lich King.  They did a pretty amazing Axe Cop Song.


I just found out that I got an Axe Cop panel at Comic Con!  If you follow me on twitter you have have caught my lament that I missed the deadline to apply for a panel.  It's been a pretty busy year.  But by some pretty bug luck, i got onto a waiting list and we go a Friday Night panel!  I assume we will be up against some big competition Friday night, but we're premiering the Axe Cop TV show, so that in itself is pretty big, and Malachai will be there too!


The AxeCopWedding site will only be up for ONE MORE DAY.  The sale on the print, sketchbook and everything else ends tomorrow.  So if you want this print, go buy one now!

Part two of today's guest episode posts Thursday, then next week we will be back on track with two posts per week and Axe Cop Gets Married will continue, as well as some new Ask Axe Cop episodes.  See you Thursday!



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