Flipbooks of a Teenage Me

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Warning: graphic stick people violence
 I have an old shoe box of flip books I have held on to for the last 20 years containing flip books I made from age 10 to around 18-19. I was really into kung fu choreography.

I always wondered what it would look like if I scanned them in and animated them like they were real cartoons. All I did was snap a picture of each page then import the photos into a gif app and set the speed. I did this all on my phone. I created these back before the internet was even really a common thing for people to have. The one with Robin Hood I drew when I came home from seeing Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves in theaters when I was 10 or 11.

I studied animation books obsessively from childhood. Preston Blair, Tony White, Richard Williams, I studied and studied every animation book I could get my hands on. It’s fascinating to see these things as an adult and realize I really did have some serious raw talent to be pulling off some of this stuff at such a young age. It makes me want to try my hand at animating again.


4 thoughts on “Flipbooks of a Teenage Me

  1. I’m certainly no expert in animation but I’d say you had some serious raw talent! Very much like the springy nature to the animations, they look very fluid.

  2. Sweet Grandma’s Gravy, that’s amazing! That’s Stikfas-tier amazing. The only thing about it that isnt 100% professional quality is the sort of “all movement is all smooth at the same speed” aspect, which is just natural for flipbooks, you don’t generally have ‘beat’ frames in a flipbook. You should be daaang proud of these and definitely do more animation.

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