My new book is out!

It’s been a wild ride with this book. It did great on Kickstarter, I shipped all those, then I began trying to get it up on Amazon. I’ve released this book totally independently and it is hasn’t been easy. I spent my own cash to go onto various podcasts and radio shows to promote the book and in the middle of that trip, Amazon took my book down. I still have not figured out why they did it. They cited a number of possible violations, none of which made any sense. I have been back and forth with their horrible seller services and have waited many days for any kind of response.

So, my book is available on my store for now. In fact, I still have around 30 Limited Edition signed/numbered hardcover/slipcases.

The Kindle version is still on Amazon. Check out some of the reviews, this book is a blast.

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4 thoughts on “My new book is out!

  1. You might try to find a competent attorney who will work on contingency to negotiate with Amazon. Your friends in the industry might be able to help you find someone good… Sounds to me like Amazon owes you some compensation for lost sales.

  2. What happened to your younger brother? Is he still writing? Is this the end of Axe Cop?! ……..?!

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