Check out my Kickstarter!

I’m Kickstarting!

I’m not doing new Axe Cop right now (though if you want to see some Axe Cop episode commentaries they are available on Patreon.)

I have been working on this bear survival guide based on the bear news and survival tips I have created as a companion to Bearmageddon, my other web comic.

This will be on my Kickstarter page, launching April 18th and lasting 30 days.  There won’t be Axe Cop stuff involved, however, if you would like there to be, send me a message and I’ll see what I can do.



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One thought on “Check out my Kickstarter!

  1. Hey Ethan, I looked into the wiki info about how Axe Cop was made on December 2009, and since the current year as of this comment is 2018 and the Axe Cop Webcomic series is going to be turning 10 years old next year on it’s 10th anniversary, Malachai will already be turning 15 by then since he co created with you at age:5, so what will you and/or Malachai do with Axe Cop’s future? Will the future of Axe Cop be passed onto a new creative comic team to begin some new adventures of Axe Cop, or will you and/or Malachai write some epic conclusive story to end the Axe Cop Webcomic series with a Big Bang like how the Ninja Turtles creators: Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird ended their continuity of Mirage TMNT Vol.1 with a conclusively Big Bang Ninja Turtles Story known as City at War, the future of Axe Cop is a big question for me to ask, but I am enjoying the second volume of Bearmaggeddon that you’re currently writing and illustrating, I wonder what will become of Axe Cop once his Webcomic turns 10 on 2019?

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