Page 182 – Shock

Welcome back!  Those of you who had your fists clenched in outrage at Axe Cop’s lack of moral fiber can now rest easy.  He would never decimate two provinces just to impress a girl.  OK maybe he would, but he didn’t this time.  Axe Cop only does that sort of thing when he has a bad birthday party.


Want to read the source material for the new Axe Cop TV episode coming up on Saturday night?  Read Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby.  The most obvious difference will be that we replaced Dinosaur Soldier with Sockarang, but Sockarang needed an episode and his personality really worked well for this episode and, though at first it felt weird for me to make that change, I love this episode and I honestly think it is better than the comic version.  If you went to our panel at San Diego Comic Con you already saw this one, but it is definitely worth a second watch!