Action Figures, Plushies and Replicas

Mezco Toys

No, I did not see you playing with your AXE COP action figures again, Dark Helmet, SIR!

Device Skins

Zing! Skins

Never let your various electronic devices leave the house naked again! Swaddle your phones, laptops and gaming devices in custom Axe Cop skins.

We Love Fine T-Shirts

We Love Fine T-shirts

We Love Fine T-shirts. Yes, yes we do.

Topatoco Prints and T-Shirts

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Topatoco Shirts!

Visit the Topatoco store for prints and t-shirts galore!

Popfunk T-shirts

Popfunk T-shirts

Assemble your team and clothe their bodies with the finest in Axe-Cop-approved t-shirts.



Head to StickerYou to get your fix of Axe Cop stickers.