Page 188 – Water and Power

Well I am no longer 32.  32 was probably the best age I have been yet.  Don’t listen to people who say it is all downhill from 30.  People who say that lived a very shallow life.  I feel like my life is only getting started.  I guess I am one of those people who looks forward to being an old man, so maybe I’m just not normal.


I’m not sure if you saw these yet, but is making some awesome Axe Cop shirts:



Well, I am ALMOST done with all the content for Axe Cop vol. 5.  Just a few Ask Axe Cops to go and I will have 100 of them.  That’s right, I have not posted them yet, but we have reached 100 Ask Axe Cop episodes.  You will get to read those after this story concludes.


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