Unchopped #3: the Minder

I had a busy Wednesday and Thursday this week, so I decided to post on Friday.  Surprise!

The next mission Wexter and his dad go on is here. They fight Codack’s room mate, the Minder. This whole story was pretty much made up during one very fast paced play time while we were working on Axe Cop: President of the World. I was spending a month with Malachai to work on that story and he kept wanting to go off on tangents and side stories. One of my favorites was this whole series of events with Wexter and his dad. So you will see things like the last bad guy was based on a Kodak camera and the Minder can be stopped by cotton balls. There was ¬†a bag of cotton balls laying around at the time and they became integral to the story. As you will see next time, there is even a bad guy called the Cotton Bomber. But my favorite part of the story is yet to come.

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