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Do you have an RSS feed for the blog and Ask Axe Cop Episodes?

Yes, there are feeds for each kind of strip:

I want to send you some fan art, where should I sent it?

Use the form at the bottom of this page or the one on the Contact page. Select “I have some fan art!” and then upload your art using the upload button.

Hey Axe Cop I have a question for you!

Submit Axe Cop questions via the form at the bottom of this page or on the Contact page and be sure to use the “Ask Axe Cop!” contact type. If you send them via the forum, Facebook, Twitter or any other way, they will not go into the question pile.

How many questions do you receive for Axe Cop? How can I get mine to the front?

That’s two questions!

We have hundreds, but asking original questions is what will stand out. I look for topics I know Malachai could really expand an idea from and not just give a yes or no answer to.

Now that Malachai is [6, 7, 8, 9, 15] will you change the tagline on the banner?

Since Axe Cop was created when Malachai was 5, we will keep the age 5 on the banner, but the credits to him on stories when he is six will say his age, so we know how old he was when he wrote each one. My age will change on episode credits when appropriate also.

What Happened to the Old Site?

About a month ago we had a bad DDOS attack that put all my web sites down because they share the same server.  It was sort of a perfect storm, and due to some mix-ups and miss-communications, we did not have a good backup on hand.  The web site was long overdue for a redesign anyway, and I really wanted to switch to a Word Press theme because I love updating Bearmageddon (my other web comic) and I like the simple layout.  Axe Cop was designed in ignorance and rushed together.  We have learned a lot since we first created it.  Unfortunately some content will be lost forever, like the forums (which were rarely used anyway) and the comments.  But we have the old site and are working on bringing back as much as we can.  The important parts (the comics) are still with us, and that is what mattered to me most.  Hopefully, as the TV show launched only days after the new web site, a new group of fans will be able to come in and begin new interactions and continue the community we had built before.

Have any other questions? Ask away!

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