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Are Ethan and Malachai involved in the TV Show?

Yes.  For each episode we are involved in varying degrees.  Ethan has worked in the writing room on many of the episodes, working with the other writers to adapt Axe Cop into 11 minute TV episodes.  Also, when needed, the writers have Ethan ask Malachai questions to fill in gaps and to get ideas from him.  Often, if Ethan is present, they will call Malachai on speakerphone and get his input on the story they are working on.  Malachai is not as offended at re-imagining a story as some other creators might be.  You just ask him “what if it happened like this” and he is excited to pitch ideas.  There are episodes where Ethan and Malachai are less involved, but that is just the nature of TV.

Why is Axe Cop a Cartoon For Adults?

I understand the concern on this one.  Axe Cop is written by a kid, and most parents with a sense of humor are OK with their kids reading it.  But the cartoon violence in Axe Cop is still simply unsuitable for children’s programming and it would be very hard to make an Axe Cop TV show marketed to little kids.  The only way we could make a show that was faithful to the comic was to make it for adults.  Like the comic, the show is not gory, there is no swearing, etc.  People’s heads pop off like they are toys, it is not a bloodbath, and Axe Cop’s harshest language is “what the heck?!”.  Still, Axe Cop is programmed among material that is for adults and parents should be aware of that when tuning in.  Luckily you can watch the show online, isolated and not among cartoons that aren’t appropriate for kids.

How Many Episodes Will There Be?

The initial order was for 6, but there are 12 in the works.  Of course we hope to make many more than that, but that all depends on how many people continue to tune in.

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