Questions About the Writing Process

Does Malachai Actually Write the Script for Axe Cop?

No, Malachai can barely write. The writing process is very similar to what you see in our Youtube video:

Malachai tells me a story, and I ask him questions to fill in the gaps. It’s just an exploration of 5 year old logic… so he says he is an Axe Cop and asks me if I want to join his team. I say yes, he says sign here. I ask him what we are going to do, he says fight dinosaurs. Also, I do not write word for word what he says, I translate it, paraphrase it, and sometimes make sense of it. If you wanted to get technical, you could say Malachai comes up with the stories, then I write it and illustrate it… but I just feel lame trying to cling to my writing credit next to a five year old. I like when comic credits are simple… this guy wrote it, this guy drew it.

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