UNCHOPPED #1: Wexter’s Dad

Hey there. Long time no Axe Cop.

As you can imagine, I have a ton of unused material from old notes I took in the days when we were making Axe Cop regularly. It takes about 10 minutes to say this stuff, but months to draw, so I had to “chop” some thing. But a lot of it I still love and I always wanted to do some kind of project where I at least share it in snippets, do some sketches , and get it out there, even if it doesn’t ever make into a complete story.

So, here is the first installment. About Wexter’s dad. I got out the old notes and did a few sketches. This is his introduction. We wrote a whole mission that Wexter and his dad go on together, which I will release in installments because there is a lot of great stuff in it.

I hope to release these weekly, but we’ll see. Thanks for keeping up with Axe Cop!

Ask Axe Cop #95 – Club Cop

This leaves us open for Axe Cop to go back in time and go on an adventure with Club Cop, which I like.  I like that Club Cop has the same problem with normal cops in his time.  They don’t take him seriously because he doesn’t do things the way they do.

It is worth mentioning that Tom Started a Facebook Axe Cop contest to promote Revenge on Rainbow Girl.  Prizes include getting to be in Axe Cop, a drawing by me, some rare screen prints and more.

A couple friend of Axe Cop have some projects worth checking out.  Matthew Sargent, who has worked on Bearmageddon as a color flatter, and on some color flatting on Axe Cop as well as a guest episode is doing the graphic novel for a project called the Incident.

Steven Wesley Guiles, who has done some Axe Cop songs, including the one we used for an Ask Axe Cop motion comic is doing a Kickstarter for an album of original songs about Minecraft.

That’s all I got!