Tortured Past (Songster page 17)

This is my favorite song so far. You can listen to the whole album so far on the Axe Cop Songster Page on Soundcloud. It’s an epic mix of songs and we still have two more to go.

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I’m excited to announce that Parry Gripp, the greatest songster on the internet, is teaming up with Malachai and me to bring you a comic reading and listening experience unlike any other.

If you know Parry Gripp, you know what a beautiful match up this is. If you do not, you owe it to yourself to immerse yourself in his magical world of hamster, monkey and burrito songs. They are all free on his website.

Together we have developed a new comic reading experience that will revolutionize comics. A comic with music. Throughout the story, new songs will pop up. As each one does, a song will be posted with it. Thus a new dimension of awesome will be added to the experience.

Want to know more? Maybe even ask us some questions?  Ethan Nicolle and Parry Gripp are going to be on Facebook Live on the day of the release of the first page, Thursday, January 26th at 7pm pacific time.  Go to the Axe Cop Fan Page and make sure to follow it so you get the updates.

The first page comes out this Thursday (unless you subscribe to Patreon, then it came out last Thursday) and new pages post every Thursday from then on.

I’m excited for this new story and format. I’m also just excited to be making something with Parry Gripp because I’m a huge fan of the guy.