Axe Cop is ON FIRE!

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Wow, something wild happened today. Axe Cop took the internet by storm. I am watching twitter as tweet after tweet goes up praising and linking the comic. Thanks a ton to everyone who is linking to us!

We have had a few complaints about the flash viewer. Let us know what you think. We’re considering trying a different style of viewer, we were just wanting to do something that didn’t just paste a giant JPG on the page and push the blog and everything else out of the way. Something that was still a good enough resolution too. If anyone has idea please share, especially if you are any sort of flash genius, because we are not by any means.

I’ll be working on getting Malachai to answer some ASK AXE COP questions, so if you haven’t sent yours in, now is the time. We’re looking forward to expanding the universe of Axe Cop.

I have also had a LOT of interest in T-shirts, so stay tuned, we will be selling Axe Cop shirts soon. Follow Axe Cop on twitter to stay up to date.

In the mean time, if you’re digging Axe Cop, you may dig Chumble Spuzz which is my own project which I did in two graphic novels with SLG Publishing. You can read a free 22 page preview of book one here (opens PDF), and the exclusive preview of book 2 is at MySpace comics. If you like what you read, both books are available on Amazon or at SLG.

Thanks for reading AXE COP!

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