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Heartwarming little exchange here:

Dear Axe Cop,

I wanted to know how you made all that stuff in your stories happen. I
really like your stories! I like to make stories too. I make comics about
Luka-the-Box. I am six years old. How did you become so good at drawing? I
like your pictures!

Luka Allen, Age 6

Hi Luka!
This is Ethan, I draw Axe Cop. My little brother is Malchai and he makes it up, he is 5. I admit, most little brothers don’t have big brothers who are professional comic artists.. but then again neither did I. I just always loved to draw and so I did it all the time, and I always made up stories. So keep doing it and have fun with it. Thanks for writing to us!

This kid’s mother blogged about this exchange here. I have been so amazed at the torrent of attention Axe Cop has had today and yesterday. Thanks everyone who is helping this spread!


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