Axe Cop for President!

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Change we can all believe in… Axe Cop is blowing up bad guys again and this time it's presidential. As Malachai explained to me, if you are president you never run out of bombs. I am pretty that is pretty close to true, and useful until you run out of bad guys to destroy.



Special thanks to Josh Kenfield for coloring this for me today so it would be out in time for the new episode of Ask Axe Cop. You may have noticed we now have a FORUM, so if you enjoy Axe Cop please join it. We are also selling my two Eisner nominated Chumble Spuzz books in the store with a sketch for $5 extra of your choice. Later we will be adding some wall papers and icons to the Extras section, and yes, eventually this CHOP image will be a shirt. How can it not be? Thanks for reading AXE COP. Ethan

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