Axe Cop and Political Correctness

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Today's episode of Ask Axe Cop is about other races:


This episode started out when a friendly guy named Jason tweeted Axe Cop asking if he would have any black guys join his team so he would have something to dress up as for halloween.  Jason's black, and so far the Axe Cop team has not been much of a rainbow of colors.  So during an Ask Axe Cop session with Malachai, I asked him if Axe Cop could have a black guy join his team and he said “no, a Merman”  “a black merman?” “no, a peach merman, his name is the KING OF ALL TIME.”  If you haven't noticed, Malachai has been on an ocean kick lately.  Mermaids, sharks, crabs… he has a fascination with anything ocean right now (though I think that is fading, his new fascination is the devil and angels who turn bad)… so, it's not that he was saying “no, Axe Cop will never let a black guy on his team” I'm pretty sure he was already thinking of this Merman when I asked because he had this guy ready to go, invisible sword and all.  The character was so brilliant (how awesome is the name “the King of All Time”?) that I had to figure out how to get this up.  So I went ahead and rephrased the question a bit and decided to go with it.

Of course, back when he answered this, Axe Cop had not killed a mermaid yet, so I had to ask him about that, and it turns out that that the King of All Time is in fact the father of the mermaid Axe Cop accidentally killed in Ask Axe Cop #15.  So Axe Cop has some repairs to make before he can get Merman onto his team, as you just saw (unless you are reading this before you read the strip, which you never should, the blog is always full of spoilers duh!).


So, I didn't want to add “I'll never allow blacks on my team” to the Axe Cop list of virtues, but I wanted the King of All Time to make his debut.  Malachai will learn about diversity soon enough.  I'm thinking if Jason sends Malachai a video of his front kick and a few reasons he wants to be on the team (including what his powers are) he'lll have a good chance of making the team.







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