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Today's Ask Axe Cop deals witht he important question: What would be the best kid of robot to beat an elephant? 



This was one of Malachai's favorite questions, but every time I would go over it with him he just went off on all these ways Psydrozon would destroy this elephant.  I kept trying to find a punchline, so I continued to ask him every time we talked, about the elephant.  And every time he called he would ask why I didn't do the elephant one yet (this was actually one of the earliest questions we received).  Anyway, finally, the elephant question is here, and I think it is hilarious, and very sad.

Now, I have this idea, and I want your feedback:  Axe Cop Presents.

My idea, to fill space when Malachai is not up for writing new stories, or just to fill in gaps when I don't have enough material to fill out the week, is to have people submit stories from their own 5-7 year olds and I will turn them into small, self-contained comics.  These would not be Axe Cop tales, though, if your kid wants to tell an alt-univerese Axe Cop tale they would be welcome to… these are any story they come up with. 

If you think you have good material for “Axe Cop Presents” please mail your kid's story to with “Axe Cop Presents” in the subject line.  But these would be my requirments:

-any story created by Axe Cop presents becomes my property, so if your kid has some idea you think will make you millions some day, don't share it with me.

-I would need your kid to be available for further questions about the story, preferably by phone.  So if I pick your story I would need to be able to call you up, so please provide a phone number (I will not share this information with anyone)

-I want this as “straight from the horses mouth” as possible, so do not try to write it into your own adult version of the story- give me the raw material, even if it is a mess.  I will not draw pictures to the exact words you send, so don't try to be a writer, just send me the gist of your kid's idea, and if I want to use it I will give you a call.

So there you have it… Axe Cop Presents!  I think this could be fun.  I'm open to ideas.  I would just like to be able to have constant material flowing on this site, and not have all the weight on Malachai for writing at all times.  I want him to write the main story and he will always write for Axe Cop, but I think it would be fun to explore the worlds of some other 5 year olds as well.  What do you think?


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