Front Kick Test

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Ethan Rolfe, a big fan of Axe Cop, submitted this video to us of him performing his front kick to find out if he is good or evil:
I would have liked to see Malachai do a video response to this, but I don't think that will happen this time around.  I did talk to him on the phone though, and he said that Ethan is a good guy.  Malachai did not seem at all disturbed that Ethan was practcing his kicks on little girls.  In fact it seemed to make him all that much more excited about him as a prospective crime fighter.  Malachai says Ethan could kill a bad guy with two kicks, then eat a sandwich and get real huge and smash him.  From the video Ethan does not look like a huge kid, so I guess the sandwiches he would eat to perform this move might be some sort of wizard sandwiches.  In any case… welcome to Axe Cop's team Ethan… and nice name by the way.

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