Simon Pegg likes Axe Cop

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Axe Cop has quickly and amazingly riled up a huge and dedicated fan base.  If you are new… we call them the head choppers.  Over the last 24 hours a bunch of them Tweeted at Simon Pegg to check out Axe Cop, and he did (I had nothing to do with it, for the record).  He then twittered recommending Axe Cop to his quarter of a million followers.  A few weeks ago the guys from Mystery Science Theater did the same thing.   I'm a huge fan of all of these people, so it's a total honor.

Also awesome:  Malachai, who is a HUGE fan of Ben 10, just received for his birthday a big Ben 10 poster signed by the writers of the show, who all are big fans of Axe Cop! 


Just when you think the attention will die down, this happens.  Thanks head choppers. Golden Chainsaw Awards all around!



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