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If you have not ordered a sketch, there are still some characters available to be ordered who have never been drawn on paper before.  Because Axe Cop is all digital, many sketch orders are the first time these characters are drawn on paper, and if you get one I make a note of it on the sketch.  All you have to do it go into the store and order a non-digital sketch.  These characters are still up for grabs for first time on paper:

Pretzel Head

Evil Flying Book

Bad Santa

the Wrestler

Snow Man

Evil Singing Tree

Sockarang's Dad

Mr. Mutani Esu

all 10 of the Ben 10 Matanga

Tiny Robot who wants to bite people

Mr. Stocker

Electric Man

Rhino Man

Best Fairy Ever

Dr. Stinky Head


1st ever on paper sketches do not cost extra, they are smply 1st come, first serve.  So the sooner your order, the better your chances.


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