AXE COP body spray!?

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AXE BODY SPRAY and AXE COP have come together to create the coolest ad campaign around for masculine pit spray!  That's right, AXE COP is now officially brought to you by AXE body Spray and we will be working the product into every episode of Axe Cop.  They will even be creating a new scent called “poison giant spray” in honor of the new partnership, and a commercial in which AXE COP is followed by drooling bimbos all down the streets as he chops bad guy's heads off.  We will also be remiving Axe Cop's hat and giving him a hip gel hairstyle!


Oh hey, a new Ask Axe Cop is up and it reveals more of Axe Cop's past, and a power we did not know about!


By the way, in case you couldn't tell, that whole first paragraph was my way of saying Happy April Fool's day!


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