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Today's episode wraps up the second chapter in the Axe Cop Saga.  It's the end of the Moon Warriors tale!


This does not mean this is the last we will ever see of the Moon Warriors (who knows, it could be, or they could be back next chapter), all it means is that this arc has come to an end.


My apologies for getting the episode out later in the day today, but as I mentioned in the previous blog, I slept long and hard and fell behind on my schedule because I have been pretty sick.  I intend to jump right back into bed now that I have this page done.  But first, you have to check out this Axe Cop sighting at Armageddon Expo in New Zealand. (comes in at 1:11) This kid has an awesome Axe Cop costume along with a uni-baby doll.  It's somewhat surreal seeing someone walking around in New Zealand as the character Malachai and I made up at the kitchen table last Christmas.  


So this concludes Axe Cop chapter 2.  As I have said, chapter 3 isn't written yet.   Malachai may need a break, we'll see how long before he is ready to start on the next chapter with me.  In the mean time I will try to get you some Ask Axe Cop episodes up every week and go from there.  Thanks for staying tuned in and for sharing Axe Cop with your friends.  Have an awesome Easter this weekend and we'll see you next week.

Ethan Nicolle


PS: here is wallpaper of the last panel…

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