Drag-Trighostacops Rex

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It's Monday's installment of Axe Cop in which Ghost Cop has a special request before they leave Uni-man's lab:



I think that I will try to do a webcast with Malachai tomorrow live on Ustream.  We will be on camera and I will have someone moderate and we will answer questions and talk about Axe Cop in general.  It should be a lot of fun.  Tentatively the time I am setting is 7pm pacific time.


The Baby Man shirt preorders did so horrible that the shirt is being cancelled.  The few people who did pre-order will get refunds.  That's a bit of a bummer but I guess you just never know what will sell. 


We are working on a special request feature where you can order a nice print of your favorite page or just panel. 


What would you really like to see in the Axe Cop shop?  I need ideas.  There a million possibilities, but the only ones really worth spending time on are the ones in high demand.


See you Wednesday!



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