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Axe Cop and Dr. McNinja's team up continues…



I penciled out my portion of the story today and it looks like I'll be doing 5 pages too… so next week the story will come out daily on Dr.McNinja's site every day.


I also penciled out the rest of the Ultimate Battle and figured out we have 14 more pages left in that sucker.  It's quite epic, and I guarantee you can not even begin to predict where it goes.


If you aren't hip to CHOP you need to be!  It's the Axe Cop podcast featuring James and John of Nobody's Listening Podcast and me, all talking about Axe Cop.  We announced the winner of the limerick contest last night and so far they have not responded.  Perion, are you out there? 


See you tomorrow with Chris's last page for the week and the end of the first half of “Stolen Pizza, Stolen Lives.”


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