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I would really like to thank Chris Hastings for giving me this week to get caught up while he takes the reins on this Axe Cop/McNinja cross over.  I think my host got the slowness issue fixed too, because even though we've hit record traffic today the site seems to be running smoothly.  Page two is here:



I'll get Chris back next week when my pages go up on his site.  For now I have been working on the cover for the big Axe Cop collection to come out in December… which happens to be the anniversary of the creation of Axe Cop. 


I have had a few people let me know that these episodes are titled “Ask Axe Cop”.  I put these into the Ask Axe Cop category because I didn't want to break up the current storyline.  Our site isn't really set up for all these different story lines and eventually we will need to go to a chapter by chapter orginizatoon rather than tons of episodes.  It's all part of the growth process.  So for now it is a temporary fix.  I put anything that is not the current running Axe Cop story in the Ask Axe Cop section including featured Guest Episodes and Axe Cop presents.


I found the clip of Axe Cop on G4, when Blair Butler visits the Dark Horse booth.  Jeremy, a cool guy, admittedly gets his facts all wrong when he confuses Wexter with Dinosaur Soldier… but I still think they did great justice to Axe Cop and it was a great little feature:



On another note… Falicia Day from that video came up to my booth at Comic Con and I had no clue who she was because I don't watch much TV.  I found out later who she was. 


That's all for today.  If you still haven't ordered my new sketch book  or a sketch from the Axe Cop art shop, you probably should because I am probably going to stop selling those things once I get going on the miniseries.  I'll just be too dang busy.  See you tomorrow!


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