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It's the first official day of Comic Con and as you read this, hopefully, I am surrounded by a mob of headchoppers at booth 1714. Today's guest episode I am going to have to admit is probably my favorite one so far.  This one was done by my friend Ryan Agadoni who really loves Monkeys.  Observe:



Wasn' t that awesome?!  Makes me want it to be an iPod game or something.  Axe Cop fights monkeys. 


Ryan is one of these guys who makes something aweome every time he draws, yet has still NEVER put out an actual comic book.  WHAT THE FIDDLE?  Ryan, you need to get on that.  Anyone who enjoyed today's episode should let Ryan know you loved it.  Also, go check out his website:



That's it for today.  Tomorrow you get two for one… then monday… McNINJA.



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