Axe Cop is on a Mission

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So, you probably know it already, but Axe Cop will be spending the week with his new friend Dr. McNinja over at his website this week.  There will be 5 updates, one per day until friday.  I know we said this was going to be a 6 page story, but we lied, it's 10.


Of course if you are trained to click on the thumbnail and not read anything I'll put it here just for you…


Another interview about the Dark Horse Comics news is up at Newsarama today.


In other news, check this out… we have new merch in the Axe Cop store at Topatoco.  Axe Cop zip-up hoodies and the logo tee shirt that I was selling at comic con.



I'm sure I have more news then that, but I need to go have breakfast, considering it is past noon.  Enjoy your second half of the McNinja crossover, I sure had fun drawing it.



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