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It's the second to last page of the big cross over, enjoy!



Some people were  a little concerned about the blatant product placement in yesterday's episode.  All I can say is we reallly don't have much to gain at this point trying to force the book on people when it won't be out for months.  Malachai simply desn't separate conversations or storylines out in his head, so if we talk about books, then the idea of the Dark Horse robot book comes up.  To him it is all one big story no matter where we tell it. 


In other news, I did a drawing for the Riff Trax guys and they are engraving it onto an iPad and selling it in a Sweepstakes.  I wish I could have it!  Check it out:



If you would like to enter to win this thing, go to the sweepstakes page.


See you tomorrow at the conclusion to the Dr. McNinja team up.



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