Let’s Go!… SHIRT!

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How do you defeat a Baby Head Squid with a plunger?  Better read today's page to find out…



In other news, Chris Hastings and I decided to team up on this image inspired by his awesome “LET'S GO” Moment in the Axe Cop / McNinja cross over and make it into a tshirt!


Another team up, like the print we released, I drew Axe Cop and the monster truck, then Chris drew McNinja and added the color and design elements.  It's like wearing a high five between Chris and I.


Tonight at 7:30 pacific, I THINK we will be doing the CHOP cast.  You can tune in if you would like… usually I try to interact in the chat room before the show. 


My last bit of info is something I have been sort of putting off, and it's not the greatest news, but it's not bad news.  The news is that once this chapter ends I will be taking a break for a while.  I won't actually be taking a break, but I will not be posting material for at least a week or two… then after that updates will be probably only once or twice a week while I dive into the real work of drawing the exclusive Dark Horse series.  So yes, I will be working on Axe Cop, it just won't all be going up online for free.  There will still be free stuff going up, and once I have finished the miniseries we may try to dive into another big online story arch, but for the time being, the web comics will slow down so that the Axe Cop miniseries can get made.  I know some of you will have a tough time not getting your Axe Cop fix five days a week.. .but I think that you will enjoy the delayed gratification of getting 3 monthly 22 page issues of full color Axe Cop in the most epic story yet.  Plus, paper comics is where my heart is at and I want to go back to it for a spell.  Not to mention Dark Horse pays a little better.  The Nicolle brothers've gotta eat!  (insert fat mockery here) .


So that's the news.  Also, while I really want to do some more Ask Axe Cops, right now my focus is getting this chapter done so that I can ship all the files off for the trade paperback.  So it will be all story for at least the rest of this week, but don't worry, Ask Axe Cop will be back soon.  See you tomorrow!



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