Book Cop Reads a Book

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My friend Sean McGowan made this guest episode with his friend Caleb Hunt.  It's very large and somewhat random, and it definitely made me laugh, so maybe it will also make you laugh.  It's called “Book Cop Reads a Book”.



At the time I've posted this, the button up on the main window is not working for some reason… so just click the one here.


If you want to see more of Sean's work, check out his YouTube channel.  Thanks Sean and Caleb for this episode, I love the concept of Book Cop reading to his enemies before he slays them with a book.


I have been working on the covers for the Axe Cop Dark Horse miniseries (the way things work you have to have the cover art done way ahead of the innards so that you can solicit to the distributors).  Tomorrow, hopefully, I will have a new episode of Axe Cop Presents for you.  See you then!



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