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Today we learn what Axe Cop does with his abundanc of chopped off heads…



I would also like to mention that head headchopper Adam from the forum has started Axe Chat.  I have agreed to join Axe Chat once a week Wednesday nights at 8pm pacific time.  Tonight will not be the first night, it will start next week,but starrting next Wednesday at 8pm I'll come n for 30 minutes to an hour and conversate, answer questions, endure abuse, emoticons, lolz and all the other things that go along with chatting.  You can join the Axe Chat group on Facebook if you want to stay up to date:


Bad Guy Earth is now all roughed out in thumbnails.  I need to get to work on covers soon.  Thanks for bearing with the change to the weekly update.  I have some uest strips to post, so I will probably post one of those tomorrow. 



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