A New Record!

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Axe Cop, obviously, holds multiple world records.  In fact, he only says he has three in this episode, but I think he is being modest…



The whole “Red Bull” thing came from a day when Zero Dean and I were having lunch with Malachai right after he had snapped our pictures.  He saw a Red Bull sign and asked us if it makes you go fast, and we said “well, yeah” and then we told him it isn't for little kids.  Without really being able to explain that it doesn't literally act as a potion and give you Sonic the Hedgehog type speed… we just let him roll with his idea of it… that it literally IS Sonic the Hedgehog Potion.  He will be sorely disappointed when he gets his first sip… but until then he will be consantly thinking of Red Bull as super fast potion.


If you missed it last night, you should listen to the podcast.  I mentioned that it looks like Malachai and I may be making our first apearance together at Emerald City Comic Con.  I also mentioned the exciting possibility of a panel at Comic Con with Malachai and I, moderated by Kevin Murphy of Mystery Science Theater 3000/ Riff Trax.  It would be one of the coolest things ever.  I have also been invited to a couple other conventions, but they are not definite yet, so when these things get locked in I will post them in the “appearances” section.


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