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If you listen to the podcast, the name James “Dibs” Kennison will be familiar.  James did a guest episode, and here it is!



James, besides beiing a prolific and talented podcaster, also runs this website where he will Draw you a Picture for pretty darn cheap:



Big news in the store!  A new shirt is available, it features this piece of art (click to enlarge):


You can order it right now in the Topatoco Store and get it in time for Christmas.  Help me buy my siblings Christmas presents by buying Axe Cop stuff!  Tomorrow, along with a new episode of Bat Warthog Man Can't Find His Friend(s) I will announce a sketch sale.  The Axe Cop art shop is going out of business.  I will be selling my last 6-8 signed Wexter prints, and have a one week sale on custom sketches (hoping to get some Christmas present money here!) then I will take the store down and move all sales to Topatoco.  Custom sketches will no longer be available online after that time, so if you want one, get ready!  That's coming tomorrow, so see you then.



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