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I feel like the giant ramp in last weeks episode was a metaphor for this week's traffic!  It's been a good week.  Big thanks to Boing Boing's write up  and Peter Serafinowicz for spreading the Cop!  Thanks also to Joe Randazzo of the Onion, the guys at Riff Trax and Graham Linehan too.   Axe Cop's book was at #263 on Amazon's bestsellers list, and at #2 on  “movers and shakers” because sales went up almost 6,000%!

But you came here for your new episode, so go ahead and read it, but you better read the rest of this blog because there is more I have to tell you!



Next up… Axe Cop was nominated for Best Character and Best New Comic on the Webcomics List Awards!


Also, January 25th is the AXEIVERSARY!  Which is a dumb word, but a special day, because it is the day that AxeCop.com went live!  If you have a message, a drawing, a guest episode, or anything you want to contribute, please send it to info@axecop.com by January 23rd.  I will be posting Axeiversary items throughout the week of the 25th. 


We want to make the ultimate list of the TOP TEN AXE COP MOMENTS OF 2010, so please send us your own favorites.  You can send us your own top 10, but please do not send more than 10.  Please keep it between one and ten.  Send your list to chopcast@gmail.com


That week will hit it's apex on the 27th when we have our big Axe Cop Anniversary Party at Meltdown Comics!  If you live anywhere near Los Angeles, don't miss it, Malachai will be there and so will I!  Also in attendance will be James and John of CHOPcast.  We will be debuting the Live Action Axe Cop short film of episode one made by some Australian head-choppin' film students.  Check out these teaser pics juxtaposed to the actual comic:



I am pretty sure I am forgetting something, but that seems liike plenty to leave you with.  I will end with another plug for RATFIST by Doug TenNapel because you really should be reading it.  Full color, 5 updates a week from the creator of Earthworm Jim… there are not many free things as awesome as that.


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