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The good news is the Bad Guy Earth #1 just hit shelves today.  Here is the trailer!:



The bad news is that I am not doing a new episode on the site today because I'm behind, and there's just no way I'll have it done in time.  I'm going to be at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend, and so will Malachai.  This will be our first convention appearance together.  We will be doing scheduled signings at my table (I will sign the whole time, Malachai will sign for an hour a day).  If you plan on going to Emerald and want something signed by both of us, check back here at the site for the signing schedule.  I know for sure right now that we will be signing at Dark Horse's booth at 3:00pm on Saturday and we will also be on the Dark Horse panel on Sunday.


I have a lot coming down the pipeline.  Axe Cop will remain a weekly comic for the next two months, but you will also be getting two new Bad Guy Earth issues over the next two months.  During that time I have two big things to accomplish… one is BEARMAGEDDON.  Yes, I am finally going to get it online.  This month my project is to create and get a head start on the art.  I will then start posting 3 pages a week.  I will be releasing some art and an official launch date soon.  In April I will be spending another month with Malachai writing more content with him for the site and for a new miniseries.  Once I get back from that, Axe Cop will probably be 2 pages a week.  I may stagger the comics so that some weeks you get two Bearmageddon pages and 3 Axe Cop, it just depends.  I haven't really decided yet.  Not everyone who likes Axe Cop will like Bearmageddon, and vice versa.  It will be interesting releasing, and drawing two very different comics simultaneously.


So, plenty more to come.  Sorry for no new episode today, but I don't feel too sorry since, if you have 3.50 and live near a comic shop you got 25 new full color pages anyway.  If you don't live near a comic shop… dude order it online!!

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