Psydrozon is Outside!

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It's good to have you back Psydrozon, and after another enjoyable origin story.  I hope you the reader appreciates that I gave you a double-size episode in a week where I was traveling by car from Los Angeles to central Washington, visiting family and friends along the way.  Usually I would take the week off, but instead I crammed before the trip and got ahead.  I can do that now that Bad Guy Earth is done. 


Speaking of Bad Guy Earth, it is on the virge of selling out, so find it where you can because that is the last of them.  I showed my Dad Bad Guy Earth #3 today and he was floored.  He is generally enthusastic about stuff, but he was downright flabbergasted in a good way.


So, in case you aren't keeping up, I am currently up here in Washington with Malachai working on more writing.  We are hoping to write a few short stories, answer some Ask Axe Cop questions, and write a new miniseries.  Ok, well I am.  We'll see what he is up for.  As long as I can disguise it as playing he won't even notice.  Thanks for reading and for making it possible for me to have such a cool job.



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