Axe Cop’s History of Style

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So today's episode is one of the most literal translations, and I have the notes to prove it:



See.  I drew a bunch of bald, hairless Axe Cop heads, and Malachai drew on them.  This is our Ask Axe Cop notebook.  Every page has a question that was emailed to us and each day of my visit we tried to answer a few.  I left the stcky notes in the top so you get some sneak peaks at other upcoming Ask Axe Cop episodes.  Yes, one of them does say “Narnia”.


There have been some great reviews of Bad Guy Earth especially since issue 3 was released.  Here are some favorites…


IGN “Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth may be the funniest comic book ever created.”


Audio and text review by Adam Ford  “Big Dumb Fun”


Comics Bulletin Warning: language (reviewed by a drunk 25 year old)


Comic Impact  “Reading this comic book makes me wonder why anyone else would bother making comic books.”


Comic Vine “I wish we had more fun comics like this on the stands”



And with that, I need to get to work on some art for the Munchkin Axe Cop card game.  See you next week!



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