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I have never seen Bat Man beat a bad guy by deliberately making him retarded by removing most of his brain.  That could be a good compromise on his no-gun policy (which is really dumb, but if he has to abide my it I say brain scooping is a viable middle ground).  Next time Bat Man is holding the Joker over a ledge, struggling with the moral decision of dropping him to his death or handing him over to Arkham Asylum, he should pull the joker up and remove 87% of his brain, then set him free.  Everyone is happy.


Well, that wraps up the Bat Warthog Man story.  I loved this one, I hope you did too.  It sort of had it's own flavor but I really liked it. 


Plans for the next few weeks include continuous Ask Axe Cop episodes on Thursdays and in a few weeks a new story will begin.  In the mean time I am going to try to release a new AXE COP PRESENTS, featuring Jack and John (remember those guys?) then a special short episode called AXE COP: THE FUNNY EPISODE.  The full length story coming up will most likely be titled “Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby”.  The Uni-Family goes on vacation and leaves Uni-Baby with Axe Cop.  Hijinx ensue.


If you live in Calgary I will be at the Calgary Expo on the 17th-19th.  I will have all sorts of books, posters, commisions, sketch books, stickers and whatever else I can fit in my case, so come see me!  I will have a supply of all three Bad Guy Earth issues, which are becoming increasingly hard to find (especially issue #1).


That's all for now.  Another story down, thanks for being a reader!



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