the Return of Jack and John

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You might be a little surprised if you are new to Axe Cop to see an “Axe Cop Presents” story up.  ACP is something we rarely update (this is only the 4th time), but it is short stories from Malachai that are from other characters that are not in the Axe Cop universe.


If you have not read Jack and John part one, you should go ahead and do that now.  If you never saw it, don't feel bad.  Even Malachai missed it.  It was not until we were “writing” this second installment that we realized he had never seen the first one.  We had played together that day, but I took all the notes in my head.  I was trying to give him a break from “writing” so we just played, but it was so comic-worthy I immediately wrote it down later and made it into a comic.  It is a favorite of mine, I really like entering a different world and getting to play.  Though I have to admit my dream is to see Frank Miller do the art on a Jack and John comic.  I'm still a newb at Dark Horse, so that will probably have to wait.

Anyway, enjoy this new Jack and John adventure.  Next week at the same time, the rest of the story will be released. 


In other news, I had an awesome time in Calgary.  Thanks to everyone who came out.  I finally got to meet Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja and he is even more of a gentleman than I expected.  We had a good talk about how we can approach our next possible cross over.  I also had a blast hanging out with Scott Kurtz of PVP, Kris Straub of ChaisawSuit (and more), Jim Zubkavitch of SkullKickers and many others.


A new Ask Axe Cop will be up on Thursday.  We're back on track!  Thanks for stopping in and keeping the site warm and cozy.



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