Gettin’ in Brains

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If it is not obvious, Malachai came up with this story back around the same time he was coming up with the Bat Warthog Man Story ending.  He was on a real “get in a brain and fight” kick.  This Jack and John story was all a play time that I wrote down as we played.  You wouldn't know from the comic, but the bulk of the play time took place when Jack and John were drilling to the secret state.  Malachai was really into the drilling through the earth.  He even had us torching the earth, digging through hard spots, using pick axes… it was a long, long way to the Secret State.  I trimmed that down a bit because, well, we get the point.  They drilled really far.


Something else I love about this story is the fact that every bad guy is asleep.  Malachai really likes the idea of killing bad guys while they slumber, though in this story it did not seem planned, like when Axe Cop goes out on night missions… it just seemed that whenever ever Jack and John found bad guys they happened to be asleep.


Since this one had so many similarities (mainly with the brain) to the Bat Warthog Man story, I saved it until after the Bat Warthog Man story was finished posting.  Next week:  Axe Cop, the Funny Episode begins!  Thanks for reading.



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