Adventures in Babysitting

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I know any parent would be fine with an Axe Wielding self-appointed cop being their child's guardian while they go to the lake, so this story isn't so absurd to start with, but I'm sure it will get weirder. 


To “write” this story, I bought a cheap baby doll and jammed a pencil wrapped in pipe cleaners into its head and Malachai and I pretended to be Axe Cop and Dinosaur soldier babysitting Uni-Baby.  Observe:

(yes, Malachai is punching the baby)


I am going to be starting a new 3-day posting schedule.  For a while I have been posting on Tuesday and Thursday, but now I will be posting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  That means on Wednesday you get Axe Cop AND Bearmegeddon if you choose to be a reader of both.  I will adjust things thus: Tuesday and Thursday will be story days, and Wednesday will be Ask  Axe Cop days.  So, you have that to look forward to starting tomorrow!


Also, if you didn't see it yesterday check out my new monday blog feature “RecomMonday” where I recommend stuff I love. 


See you tomorrow with a new episode of Ask Axe Cop AND a new page of Bearmageddon!


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