Bubble Tea and Jonny Cash

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This episode is near and dear to my heart.  The last string of Axe Cop material has been pretty dark and psycho, so it felt good to do a charming, sweet episode where Axe Cop just sits down and meets the three people he has always wanted to meet:  his creators and his favorite singer. 


I had some people (who don't read the blog) assume I put Malachai up to the Little Lulu thing the other day, but he really loves Little Lulu and if you read Lulu, his comic proves his knowledge of the characters.  Of course, he is influenced by the adults in his life and Little Lulu was a gift from Shawna Gore.  His big brother Ethan does love Vietnamese food, and in the small town he lives in it is my favorite place to eat.  They serve those girly looking bubble tea drinks there and Malachai often go together and get our favorite flavors:  watermelon and bubblegum.  Usually when we drive Malachai requests that we listen to Johnny Cash.  He learned of Johnny Cash on the Rock Band game my brothers and I got our sisters for Christmas.  It became his favorite song, and when we are in the car he always asks to play Johnny Cash.  In fact we did it so much he learned how to get onto my iPad and look up specific Johnny Cash songs on iTunes and be the dj as we drive.  As we listen he asks me about the meanings of the songs.  He always asks “is this song true?” (especially when Johnny Cash talks about shooting people).  I usually tell him that the song is made up… except in the case of the song “I've Been Everywhere”.  That became his other favorite song simply because it is one of the only true ones.  Metaphor is not something Malachai has a lot of respect for at his age.  The observation Axe Cop makes about “Rusty Cage” and “One Piece at a Time” was an actual observation Malachai made when we were driving around listening to Johnny Cash one day.

Another piece of this episode I couldn't fit into the text is the reason Axe Cop has to make a fist and an open hand to fly.  It is because some superheroes make two fists when they fly, and others do two open hands.  Axe Cop does both.  Once again, he rises above and stands out among your average garden variety crime fighter in tights.


Apologies to those of you who went to Bearmageddon yesterday and did not see the launched website.  There was a miscommunication/mixup with my web company and the launch ended up being wonky.  The site is propagating and should ooze out to the rest of the internet within the next couple days.  If you haven't seen the first page of Bearmageddon yet, try to clear your cache or flush DNS.  If that doesn't work, just give it time.  Thanks to everyone who came over and checked out Bearmageddon yesterday.  A new page will be up tomorrow, so hopefully you'll be back.


So much to do!  Until next time…




UPDATE:  I forgot, that Dragaroo person posted another video from Comic Con with seleced highlights from the Axe Cop panel:

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