How to Justify Stealing

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Sometimes you have to steal.  Like when you find the perfect fireman axe and you have some dinosaurs to kill.  Homes may burn, but heads must fall.  Of course Axe Cop doesn't stop there, he helps the firemen figure out what they had been doing wrong all along.  They were trying to chop the fire.  They should have realized that doesn't work.  Fire doesn't have a head.  You can't chop it.  They were pretty shocked to find out how well water works instead.


People were a little disturbed yesterday when Axe Cop stuck uni-baby in a dark room and had her repeatedly punched in the face by cyborgs while he goofed off.  Well, I knew it wouldn't be popular, and I want to dig into why Malachai would come up with that a little more, but I will wait until tomorrow when I release the next episode of “Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby” wherein… you guessed it… he doesn't babysit her at all.  She just keeps getting punched.  I think someone needs to start standing up for baby's rights in the Axe Cop universe.


If you haven't yet joined the Axe Cop Documentary Facebook page or followed Twitter, please do.  They will be releasing various photos and video clips as they continue to document this crazy adventure Malachai and I are on.  They just posted a clip they put together to show some of the earliest footage they got with an interview with me about how Axe Cop came into being.  Check it out…



On another note, there is a new Bearmageddon page up today, so please give that a gander as well.  Thanks for stopping by!



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