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I have been waiting to draw this Little Chuchu comic.  Basically, if it is not obvious, Malachai wanted to write a Little Lulu story so I told him he had to change the names, so he just added “ch” to their names.  If you haven't read Little Lulu this will still be funny, but if you have you will find it even more funny because Malachai really loves these comics and the “Lulu tells Alvin a story” epsiodes are always fun, though never this nightmarish.


Oh yeah, and I know some people will be bothered by the Indian stuff… well, if you have read Lulu which is from the early 1900's, they are a lot worse than this.  I wanted to capture the goofy portrayal of Indians from that time as well as Malachai's sympathy for them.  In his version, when you shoot an Indian, your life becomes a living hell and you are banished to the forest to ride around on a Segway with an unquenchable hunger for brains with your dead family.  I was tempted to put a scan of my Cherokee nation card into this blog post just for immunity, but I'll save that for if it's needed.


Malachai discovered Lulu when our editor Shawna Gore gave him a giant sized Little Lulu book.  It became his favorite comic, and to this day any time I visit I read him Lulu comics before bed.  So I decided to dedicate this episode to Shawna, and it happens to also be her birthday.  We love Shawna.


But wait!  Tomorrow is the big day over at!  The first page of Bearmageddon will post tomorrow morning.  So please join us there.  You can also follow Bearmageddon on Twitter and Facebook.



P.S. the whole “zombie indian on a Segway” thing comes from a t-shirt I got from woot with zombies on segues that says “we've upgradead”. Malachai is always asking me to explain the shirt, and he must have decided that a Segway is a good upgrade for a zombie.


P.P.S. I found this video someone posted with a small clip from our panel at Comic Con.  It comes on at 1:39 and shows Malachai and Baby Man dancing together.


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