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This story could have just as easily been called “Axe Cop and Dinosaur go to Magic World”.  I actually had to call Malachai and try to get more Uni-Baby related story out of him because the story in the beginning literally was basically they lock her up ith the abusive cyborgs and go to Magic World.


As I mentioned at the end of yesterday's RecomMonday post (and please read it, this is one of my favorite things ever) I got to be Kris Straub's first guest on his new Humor Authority podcast.  We basically discussed comedy, creating comedy, trying to understand why things are funny and what works and doesn't work.  I think it was interesting if you are into that sort of talk, and Kris is a pretty dang funny guy.


I guess I better get to work on tomorrow's Ask Axe Cop.  Also, we are having some issues because we switched to a new server yesterday, so if you run into anything let me know.  Right now the thing we are trying to get fixed is the comments… you can't coment because it asks for a captcha entry but doesn't show you a captcha image.  Hopefully it will be fixed later today. 


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