RecomMonday: Animals, Real and Imagined

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Hey look, it's Monday!  I picked this book up at the Design Studio Press table at Comic Con last month and it blows my mind every time I flip through it.  Artist (and super-human) Terryl Whitlatch weaves one amazing beast together after another.  She can draw them real, and make them up, and they look real.  She even draws the imaginary skeletal structures and musculature!  I call that insane, but it's delicious candy for the artist's soul if you need some inspiration.  I have this book on my shelf o' inspiration right by my work station ready to be cracked open any time I feel like I need a jolt of energy behind my pen.  Plus, it's a beautiful full color, hard cover book that is just sexy as heck.  I love amazing art and imagination and this book has both in spades.  You should buy it!



That's this week's recommendation.  Tomorrow, Axe Cop continues to rile up the magicians on Magic World.  See you then!



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