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Well, I come with a surprise and an apology.  My apology is that the new story arch is not yet ready to be drawn.  I have a lot of the pieces, but I need to talk to Malachai to connect the dots and figure out more of the story before I am comfortable drawing pages.  So, I did this… I made this teaser image / cover.  The new story is going to be called “Axe Cop in: The Dogs”.  It is a story that starts off with the dogs (Ralph Wrinkles, Presty the Pug, Army Chihuahua and a new dog character) all teaming up and going on a mission.  The bad guys… well, they are Siberian Witch Doctor Cats.  Axe Cop does take a leading role in the story but the team of the dogs is also a big part.  That's all I will give away for now.  It is destined to be one of the weirdest Axe Cop stories ever (and that's saying a lot), but it will also be really fun to draw.  I have been working on the character designs for this one and have had a great time.  So this is your surprise.  I know I have never done cover images for online Axe Cop stories, but why not?


This is also one the first published Axe Cop drawing I have done using a traditional brush and ink.  I won't do the full story that way, but I am going to start doing splash pages in ink so I have some originals to sell.  This one will be for sale eventually.  If you think you HAVE to have it, email me your offer.  Otherwise I'll probably put it on Ebay down the road some time.


The other cool bit of news is that Kailey Frizzell, who has been coloring the character bio images for me, has agreed to color this story.  So, while it will be a one page per week story because I will be working on the new print miniseries AND Bearmageddon AND possibly another book I can't talk about AND other stuff I can't talk about…  so yeah, it will be slow moving, but it's Axe Cop's first online full color adventure!


So take this as a “coming soon” and a “thanks for your patience”.  I may be posting another guest episode next week if this thing is not yet ready to launch.  Whatever the case, I'll see you next Tuesday and be looking forward to THE DOGS.


Oh yeah, and if you missed yesterday's blog, you may have missed that I did a “Comics On Tees” shirt for Threadless of a Robot fighting a Sea Monster.  You need it!


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