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I got another week off here, so I got that whacky guy Jamie Smart to fill in this week.  If you don't know Jamie's work, he is an SLG veteran like me and his head is full of all sorts of madness.  Plus he's British so you get to feel all sophisticated for reading his work.


I really liked this Guest Episode because of how spot-on it nails studio notes.  Of course, if you have never pitched an animated series to a network before, and most people haven't, it may not be as funny to you… but I would submit it is funny enough to the laymen, and twice as funny to the animated series pitcher.  Being that I pitched an animated series today this hit home, though my pitch meeting went amazingly well and was nothing like this comic.


What's funny is, in all the dealings with companies like Dark Horse, Steve Jackson Games… and other companies who are getting involved or have shown interest, not one (yet) has made a fool of themselves and tried to alter Axe Cop in any way like Jamie so perfectly mocks in this guest episode.  Everybody, I think, knows that the moment they do that they just Jenga'd the whole stack.  Pull that one piece out and it all comes down.  I think just about every decision Axe Cop makes is one that would make a studio exec laugh nervously, tap his/her fingers together and say “yeah let's put a pin in that and maybe look at some other options just to keep an open playing field, heh.”  I would love to see Axe Cop in a pitch meeting.


I'm up to my nips in Bearmageddon right now… actually, I am on the last page of the bunch I wanted to get done before I dive into the next Axe Cop miniseries.  I also need to post something up here a week from today.  So much to do… so much, and even more I can't talk about on line.  Don't let the lack of posts right now fool you, I am a busy busy man.


I played my first ever game of Munchkin Axe Cop the other night with my friends.  We had a little get together at my place, I made garlic infused burgers with roasted garlic on top.  I had a couple friends who were Munchkin players and they showed me the ropes.  My mind was not made to comprehend card games I think, but I think I got the hang of it.  The cards by themselves are hilarious, and if you are wondering if it is all real Axe Cop stuff, it is.  There were cards Steve needed us to come up with, so I got Malachai to fill in the cards we needed and I did the art, so there is Axe Cop content in the game that is not in the comic, but it's all totally legit.  It is not altered by the execs like today's great guest episode.  Want to know more about Munchkin Axe Cop?  Read the review of it at Mtv Geek.  You may have never played Munchkin before, but now would be a good time to start.  The game is released Nov. 1st I believe.


And that's another week.  See you next Tuesday!


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