Christmas Axe Cop Commissions!

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I figured that I'd show off some of the Axe Cop related commissions I did during my six days of intense comissioning.  These are my favorites of the Axe Cop related commissions. (click to enlarge)


Axe Calvin and Dinosaur Hobbes:


President Towzerd if he was on a dollar bill (this was an Artist's Choice piece):

I did this one for a guy who said he collects artist's self portraits:

This one is requested blood on the axe, which is unorthdox for Axe Cop's axe to be bloody, but I gave him his bloody axe.  He also requested the bag full of bad guy heads.


I really like this one.  Axe Cop and Handcuff Man team up to fight some bad guys.


This is probably the best non-digital drawing I have ever done of Wexter.  The guy who gets this is a lucky duck:


This was an Artist's Choice piece, so I drew a character from the upcoming Axe Cop miniseries follow up to Bad Guy Earth, named Junior Cobbb:


This is another Artist's Choice piece where I decided to draw a character from the new miniseries.  Goo Cop!:


A little crossover action… Spidey takes Wexter for the day:


And one of my favorites… Baby Man kicking back in a leather chair smoking a pipe.  I did this for Matthew who helps color Bearmageddon.


That's all I've got for now!  If you want to see some other ones I did, check out the post over at Bearmageddon.  But be warned, that comic is getting gory and is not for little kids.


Christmas is coming soon, which is the anniversary of Axe Cop's creation.  It's always a special time of year, even moreso with the history it now holds for Malachai and me.  I'm going to try to get you a Christmas Ask Axe Cop episode the week of Christmas.  See you next Tuesday!



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